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Welcome to Music with Mr. Papiewski, also known as Mr. P :). I took a liberty of creating this website for the sole purpose of keeping track of the things we are currently working on in the classroom and our Chorus rehearsals . You will be able to find required texts and song lyrics for each grade.



More Than Just Music
by Peter Papiewski

Science has found that learning music enables learning other subjects
and heightens skills that children use in other areas.
Art, such as ballet, movement and dance can in
fact have strong impact on our bodies, physical health and mental awareness
with tremendous benefits on the general creativity and overall health of
young children.
Music and arts studies help improve spatial-temporal reasoning,
which assists the mental transformation of images in subjects such as geometry,
math and reading. Music has been scientifically linked to
many areas related to children’s well-being. Some include:

Academic Achievement:

• Improves reading skills
• Linked to higher grade point averages
• Greatly increases spatial reasoning abilities.
• Can be linked to higher attendance and graduation rates

Inherent Benefits:

• Improves decision making process
• Teaches critical thinking in new ways
• Develops emotional awareness
• Improves process orientation
• Links multiple ways of “knowing”

21st Century Skills:

• Supports creativity
• Teaches collaboration with other children
• Improves communication and social interaction
• Develops critical thinking

Social Skills:

• Music education fills gaps
• Helps students to engage
• Transcends socioeconomic levels
• Helps students lagging behind

Brain Development:

• Improves cognition
• Improves coordination

70 thoughts on “Music Classes With Mr.P

  1. I loooooveeeeee singing in chorus it’s feel powerful to me I just believe it the best music teacher and best chorus teacher 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊💜

  2. music and chorus is very good and makes u feel very elated. Thank you mr p. Thank u for taking up ur time just to teach us something interesting. From ur student Avinash

  3. Hey Mr. Papiewski I can’t t believe the concert is so soon I just want to thank you for putting all hard work into this you are the best music teacher you always teach me how to do the right way you never get angry on any student and you always are helping me to do my best and really I’m textin you this is because I want to thank you 🙂🙂

  4. hey mr p winter concert is tomorrow and im happy is sure well do well and this website is great to practice thanks so much

  5. Chourus is awesome 😎 what am I in the band for recorders because on December for the concert I was in the course of my name wasn’t on it so I think I’m in band I’ll tell you on Tuesday

  6. Thank you Mr.P for cutting free time away to teach the chorus members of fourth and fifth grade thaaaaaaaaaaaank you for teaching us!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Mr.P! It’s me Eric. Thank you for a amazing year with music! By the way that video of me that has me playing spongebob on recorder is allowed.

  8. Hi Mr P I am Zaida probably forgot me right? I really miss being at PS135Q I am at George J Ryan one of the national blue ribbon schools. I really wanted to come to the next Concert so will you please let me know when it is?
    Sincerely,Zaida Hossain

  9. Chorus is the best thing ever it helped me build my confidence of being in the stage Thank you sooooooooooooooo much mr.p you are the best music teacher ever. if I was in a stage right now I would be standing there doing nothing. So thank you so much sometime you teach us really hard songs but I always remember it batter then nothing 🤗😄

  10. Mr.p music is very fun with you flute,small chorus,chorus,recorder . Everything you do makes a beautiful sound thank you for being my music teacher.

  11. no we can not wear black boots we can only wear back dress shoes a white shirt and black shokings and we have to come on stage Tuesday and Thursday Tuesdays is after lunch and Thursdays in the morning

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